Infoproduct Marketing

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Learn the trade from products you can actually earn money from. Yes, you can earn while you learn with resale rights products including: How to guides, ebooks and software products that show you how to create information products, market them, make money from adsense, email marketing and all other aspects of internet marketing.

This site will display a massive amount of products and is divided into the following topics (each with their own subtopics) to make it as easy as possible for you find what is available in the areas you are interested in.If you are a product creator or aspiring to become one there is some great learning material within these products and of course you get to resell them – so they are perfect to use as bonuses for your own product promotional efforts.

Product Creation

In this section you will see resell rights products dealing with topics such as: Creating products quickly, how to create ebooks, how to make software products, how to re-purpose PLR content and more…

IM Tactics

This is pretty much my blog where I will share profit making tips, look at some case studies, explore the good and the bad of internet marketing tactics and tools, plus maybe even have the occasional rant with a little sarcastic humor.

Ezine Marketing

In my opinion this is the most important aspect of your online business. Everything you do should be built around adding subscribers to your list AND developing a great relationship with them. In fact I would go as far as to say that your ezine/newsletter/ecourse/email list is your MAIN PRODUCT. I’ll share more about this in my blog at a later date. But for now this section of the site will show all the products with resale rights or PLR that deal with this subject.

PLR Marketing

These products allow you to modify the content and re-purpose them into your own products. The secret to being successful is to be creative – this section of the site will display products that deal with effective private label marketing.

Resale Rights

While every category above actually has products with resale rights this category shows you all of the products that specifically deal with that subject and how to profit from them.

Affiliate Marketing

In this section you will find ebooks that teach you various ways, ideas, systems, methods that help you earn an income from affiliate marketing. You will also find various software products to help as well.